Sailing & Boating Camp  $275

UCI Sailing

Children will learn to sail or improve their skills in 8' Sabots and RS dinghies and keelboats. Instructors work with campers on an individual basis and in similar age/experience level groups to maximize their on-the-water knowledge and potential. Kayaks and paddleboards add to the fun, with bay tours and trips to other beaches. All experience-levels welcome: Children are grouped with instructors, based on age and ability/experience so there will be a few different mini camp groups within each weeks camp.

  • Boats, paddle equipment & PFD provided at no additional cost.
  • Campers must pass a swim test on first day.
  • Bring sunscreen, towel, hat, sunglasses and snack.
  • Parking for Marina Park classes is free if you use the Parkmobile app. Click here for more information on parking.
MARINA PARK (Mornings)  
UCI100 6/26-6/30 M-F 9am-Noon 6-16yrs Select
UCI101 7/10-7/14 M-F 9am-Noon 6-16yrs Select
UCI102 7/17-7/21 M-F 9am-Noon 6-16yrs Select
UCI103 7/24-7/28 M-F 9am-Noon 6-16yrs Select
UCI104 7/31-8/4 M-F 9am-Noon 6-16yrs Select
UCI105 8/7-8/11 M-F 9am-Noon 6-16yrs Select
UCI106 8/14-8/18 M-F 9am-Noon 6-16yrs Select
UCI107 8/21-8/25 M-F 9am-Noon 6-16yrs Select
UCI108 8/28-9/1 M-F 9am-Noon 6-16yrs Select


MARINA PARK (Afternoons)  
UCI200 6/26-6/30 M-F 1-4pm 6-16yrs Select


7/10-7/14 M-F 1-4pm 6-16yrs Select


7/17-7/21 M-F 1-4pm 6-16yrs Select


7/24-7/28 M-F 1-4pm 6-16yrs Select


7/31-8/4 M-F 1-4pm 6-16yrs Select


8/7-8/11 M-F 1-4pm 6-16yrs Select


8/14-8/18 M-F 1-4pm 6-16yrs Select


8/21-8/25 M-F 1-4pm 6-16yrs Select


8/28-9/1 M-F 1-4pm 6-16yrs Select



January 31, 2017
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