Painting, Sculpture and Clay   $299

Lisa Albert

Student artists will have a terrific week exploring and using a multitude of mediums such as paint, pastels, watercolor, clay, plus printing, collage and metal embossing. An emphasis on art techniques and skills such as perspective, composition and proportion will be taught so as to enhance this creative and imaginative art curriculum taught by a credentialed art teacher. All ceramic pieces will be glazed and fired. A wonderfully fun and informative class not to be missed!

  • All students should bring a snack, water and an old T-shirt.
  • A $45 material fee is payable to the instructor on the first day of art class.

Lisa Albert Art Studio - 440 (E) 17th St, CM 92627

Stars, Stripes & Skyscraper  
  LAA001 6/26-6/30    M-F 9am-Noon 5-12yrs  Select


Oceans on Top and Below  
LAA002 7/10-7/14 M-F 9am-Noon 5-12yrs 



Desert Flora and Fauna  
LAA003 7/17-7/21    M-F 9am-Noon 5-12yrs  Select


The Land Down Under  
LAA004 7/24-7/28   M-F 9am-Noon 5-12yrs  Select


Rain Forest Flora and Fauna  
LAA005 7/31-8/4  M-F 9am-Noon 5-12yrs  Select


City of Newport Beach I Camp Newport

100 Civic Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Phone: (949) 644-3151


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